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About LatineLit

Mission Statement

We have something to say!

LatineLit publishes short stories written by and about Latinx people. By promoting our authors, as well as other Latinx writers, we aim to create opportunities to showcase new works and celebrate the diverse experiences and perspectives of our community. LatineLit features fiction written in English that relates to the indigenous, African diaspora, Asian, and Spanish and Portuguese roots of our people. We support gay, lesbian, trans, genderfluid, cisgender and straight writers with the goal of making sure everyone’s voices are heard.

Russ López, Editor

Russ López is the creator Latinelit. Three of his grandparents were born in Mexico (Sinaloa and Guanajuato) while Russ is a native of California. He has degrees from Stanford, Harvard, and Boston University and has written articles on the social and health effects of racism, income inequality, and urban sprawl. He has published six nonfiction books and is currently working on a novel.

Russ started Latinelit because of the lack of attention to this vibrant community by mainstream publishers. He wants to promote Latinx writers and celebrate their diversity and experiences.



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