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Who are you?
We are people who love literature. We read everything we can and enjoy fiction and nonfiction, realism and fantasy, and the conventional as well as anything experimental. We want to promote Latinx literature because we feel there aren’t enough outlets for our authors. 

What is your guiding philosophy?
The Latinx world is gloriously diverse with many excellent Latinx fiction authors who deserve to be published and many readers who want to read fiction by and about Latinx people. 

Who can submit a story?

When can I submit my story?
Anytime! As soon as the deadline for one issue passes, submissions for the next are open. Get writing!

What types of submissions are you looking for?
LatineLit promotes fiction by and about Latinx people. We publish short stories, though we might consider publishing longer works in serialized form. We are looking for works that are primarily written in English, though we expect there will often be other languages imbedded in these stories. 

What types of submissions will you reject?
While we like to read memoirs, poetry, and non-fiction, we will not publish these types of works. They should be submitted elsewhere. We regret that we will not be accepting stories in Spanish, Portuguese, or other languages. We also do not publish stories that have already been published elsewhere. Finally, we will reject any and all stories written by AI programs. 

How do you define Latinx?
We know that our people define themselves in many ways from generic Latinx (and Hispanic, etc.) to a person’s country of origin, the region they come from, or their tribe or indigenous group. We also are aware that some people will define Latinx differently from us. We include as Latinx anyone born in or who traces their families back to the Spanish and Portuguese dominated areas of the Western Hemisphere including the United States and Canada. We also include people who trace their families to the Philippines. This excludes Spain and Portugal as well as former French, Dutch, and English colonies. 

Why Latine?
First of all, pronounce it like you would in Spanish: La-TEEN-nay. We wanted to be gender inclusive, but somehow Latinx doesn’t quite roll off our tongues very easily. 

What format are you publishing in?
LatineLit is web-based.

How do I submit a story?
Please go here for submission guidelines.

Is there a word limit?

We would like to keep our stories to less than 6,000 words but will consider longer pieces. There is no minimum word limit.

Do you pay your authors?
Yes! We respect the time and effort you put into your writing and will pay our authors. We pay $100 per story.

Who holds the copyright?

The author will retain the copyright to their story. We will keep the story on our website for at least one year, after which it can be taken down at any time upon the request of the author. 

Can I submit my story elsewhere?

Absolutely. We want you to be published everywhere. 

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