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Latinx Best Sellers

March 2023


1    The House in the Pines                            Ana Reyes

2    Trust                                                           Hernan Diaz

3    Secret Identity                                           Alex Segura

4    Part of Your World                                    Abby Jimenez

5    The Daughter of Doctor Moreau            Silvia Moreno-Garcia

6    The Faraway World                                   Patricia Engel

7    Calling for a Blanket Dance                     Oscar Hokeah

8    How Not to Drown in a Glass of Water   Angie Cruz

9    More Than You'll Ever Know                    Katie Gutierrez

10   Yours Truly                                                Abby Jimenez

We recommend:

Corazón by Yesika Salgado


Plantains and Our Becoming: Poems by Melania Luisa Marte


Interested in purchasing these books? Check out these lists of Latinx- and Black-owned bookstores: 

        Latinx in Publishing - List of Latinx-owned bookstores

        Latino Book Review - List of Latinx and Black owned bookstores




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