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Latinx Best Sellers

February 2024

1.         The Silence in Her Eyes                   Armando Lucas Correa

2.         Yours Truly                                         Abby Jimenez

3.         The Vulnerables                                Sigrid Nunez

4.         Blackouts                                           Justin Torres

5.         The Bullet Swallower                       Elizabeth Gonzalez James

6.         Silver Nitrate                                     Silvia Moreno-Garcia

7.         Vampires of El Norte                        Isabel Cañas

8.         Family Lore                                       Elizabeth Acevedo

9.         The Wind Knows My Name            Isabel Allende

10.       Flores and Miss Paula                      Melissa Rivero



We recommend:


Nostalgia Doesn’t Flow Away Like Riverwater by Irma Pineda



How We Named the Stars by Andrés N. Ordorica 


Interested in purchasing these books? Check out these lists of Latinx- and Black-owned bookstores: 

        Latinx in Publishing - List of Latinx-owned bookstores

        Latino Book Review - List of Latinx and Black owned bookstores




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